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Daren Mayo Classical Guitarist

Guitar and Ukulele Lessons. Canford Heath - 1 to 1 and Groups


I offer motivated, fun and enjoyable Guitar and Ukulele tuition, carefully structured to each student on a one to one basis, and also group lessons for beginners.

Group lessons are fun! They are perfect for anybody who is interested in exploring the guitar or ukulele. Absolutely no prior musical experience is needed for the Ukulele group lessons, this amazing little instrument just brings a smile to your face! You will soon be strumming along to fun tunes even if you have never picked one up before!

Both Guitar and Ukulele groups are held at the Canford Heath Community Centre. Please visit and say hi.

Students of all abilities are welcome, from complete beginners learning their first chords, to more advanced players looking for new challenges. For private lessons I teach from my home in Canford Heath but home visits are available.

I encourage students to explore different styles and genres of Guitar and Ukulele playing, while focusing on the type of music that they love to listen to. This gives them the solid foundations they need, whether an aspect of music is to be their chosen career, or that precious hobby that everybody wishes they had taken up sooner!

Private lessons are priced at £15 per half hour and £25 per hour session. A session is normally an hour, but often can last an extra 10/15 minutes if necessary. I dont clock-watch! Group sessions are around 80 or 90 minutes, and I always keep the price reasonable, depending on the number of students and the costs of the hall hire, normally £12 pp or less.

For the advanced guitar students: Up until around the early nineties, only Classical music was widely accepted by the education boards to be a recognized exam qualification syllabus. Today, luckily we have excellent additional courses in Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz, amongst others. These have graded exam syllabuses which lead to worldwide recognized qualifications. This means that if students wish, they may take a local Rock exam grade (for example), which is recognized by top Music Universities and Colleges.

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Tel: 07788557261