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   After Studying the Classical and Jazz Guitar for
about 15 years, I was lucky enough to make it my career.
I started playing aged 9, and was very lucky to have
 excellent teachers, who encouraged me to explore all genres
of Guitar playing. This has allowed me to work in many 
different playing situations and styles.
  I have travelled extensively throughout the UK and
Europe, touring with bands, ensembles, shows and 
Solo performances.

   Eventually, wanting to return to a more'normal life',
 I decided to settle near to my home town. I now live
in sunny Poole on the South coast. I continue to
enjoy playing in various musical idioms including 
Jazz ensembles, musicals, recording sessions, Pop
bands and teaching.

     My training of Jazz and Classical playing, along
with a love for the Classical Guitar itself, has 
resulted in my Wedding/function music project which
has proved very popular. I have played nearly a 
thousand performances, and have sold over 3000
copies of my first Cd 'Misty'. My music has also been 
used in TV productions and numerous radio

     This year I'm looking forward toplaying at more
wonderfull Wedding venues all over the South.

                    Hope to see you there! 

About Daren...